Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Five Below Haulage

rewriting this opener now... i got halfway through this blog yesterday and my computer threw up the blue screen of death... which it had done a couple times already that day and many times over the past couple weeks. however, this time it absolutely refused to boot Windows! it told me it needed to be at least partially reformatted (i don't know what this means, but i did it) and i needed to back up my stuff. it was frustrating to have to go out and buy a removable hard drive, but i'm SUPER thankful it let me back up my stuff!! all appears to be going well now, fingers crossed!

i went to Five Below for the first time in years last week, and found some good stuff! i went in because i had seen a Funky Fingers swatch on Facebook and i just HAD to have it. their polishes are quite reasonable, most are 3 for $5. i also got some on clearance for only a buck each!

here are the Funky Fingers! these all seem quite nice and pigmented.

these are the Fresh Paint polishes... all of these were on the clearance rack for a dollar! the metallic polishes and the glitter seem nice, but the creme seems like it going to be sheer and streaky. i've only swatched on a nail wheel, so it remains to be seen how they'll work on the nail!

lastly, i found two pack of Salon Express Nail Art Paint for stamping... for only two bucks! i'm really excited to give this a go, it's WAY cheaper than Konad :)

i have no idea what the the backup actually backed up, because i can't seem to find any of the files i want. however, i do have the sample images that came with the computer! sooooo frustrating! at least i can use my computer again, definitely have to look on the bright side. hopefully my posts will be more regular again, now that my computer isn't driving me bonkers with the blue screen of death every time i try and use it :D

Happy Wednesday! Ria :)

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