Friday, September 5, 2014

Salon Perfect Neon POP... Oceanic

ended up having a dressage lesson instead of jumping last night since my usual trainer is on vacation and her mom taught instead! she is really working on our position, and let me tell you, for me... the struggle is real! i am so not flexible it's ridiculous. but i'm trying :)

today i have Salon Perfect Oceanic from their Neon POP to share with you all! i was SO happy to find this at my local Walmart, i've been lusting after it from the press release :D it's a rich, warm blue shot full of teensy, tiny glitter pieces that turn it into a shimmer... it's delicious! the only issue this polish has is the formula could be better, but i don't care, i love it that much. i used three coats over a white creme, the white really helps it pop. it's super streaky/patchy at coat one, i definitely suggest not even wiping your brush at all before applying because you will need all that polish to go over the nail. as you build up coats, you may or may not need to start wiping a little, i did at coat three! i could have left it at two, but i thought i could see just a tiny bit of streaking if i looked closely... and i love the color so much i wanted absolute perfection, so i slopped on another :) it dries very rubbery, you will definitely want to add high shine top coat. this bad doesn't eat up top coat as much as i feared it would, but i still added two coats to really get that glass shine!

one coat Salon Perfect Sugar Cube, three coats Oceanic, two coats Salon Perfect Crystal Clear Top Coat. (Sugar Cube and Crystal Clear Top Coat are press samples).

there is a touch more warmth/green undertones than there is in the swatch photo... my camera is giving me fits lately!

Salon Perfect polishes are sold exclusively at Walmart and and retail for $3.98. make sure to check out the other offerings from Salon Perfect! you can also check Salon Perfect out at www.SalonPerfect.comon Facebook (@SalonPerfectLashes), Instagram (@SalonPerfect), Twitter (@Salon_Perfect), Pinterest (, and even YouTube (

so, have i sold you on this one? i'm a total blue fanatic and i'm really, really in love with Oceanic!! Happy Friday! Ria :)

:: Salon Perfect Sugar Cube and Crystal Clear Top Coat are press samples that were provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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