Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Butter London The Posh Pout Lippy Liquid Lipstick Collection

i'm super excited, my brother just got here to visit over the Thanksgiving holiday! since he's here, he gets the dubious honor of filming me in my jump lesson tonight. glad it was changed over to tonight from tomorrow, as rain and ice are predicted for tomorrow. gross!!

today we've got the other Butter London holiday gift set i purchased from their Steampunk Ball Collection... The Post Pout Lippy Liquid Lipstick collection. (if you missed yesterday's review of their Midnight Garden Wink Eye Pencil collection, see it HERE!). it's another great idea for a Christmas present, and priced well at $28. you get four of their Lippy Liquid Lipsticks... which individually retail for $18! fantastic deal. i already had two of these, but it was cheaper to get the set than to buy them individually, so i mean... how could i resist :D just keep reading for arm and on lip swatches!

i really like Lippy Liquid Lipsticks, they are pigmented and long wearing, applying like a lip gloss with a traditional doe foot applicator. they are a touch sticky... which doesn't bother me, but i know a lot of people don't care for that. they do settle in the lines of your lips a bit, which isn't as noticeable in person as it is in the photos... but it does happen. again, it's not enough to bother me! they are also great layered over over other lip products :) my favorite is probably Toff, i carry it in purse at all times because it's neutral and i can slap it on no matter what makeup i'm wearing! Yummy Mummy looks a bit like chocolate milk on me, so i usually wear it over something else.

here's the packaging! the black and gold is so chic.

and the indiviual products!

on arm swatches... remember, i'm super pale, so things always look a bit different on me!

and finally... all the on lip swatches :)

you can find Butter London products at several retailers, my favorites to look for them are Ulta, Ulta.com, and ButterLondon.com! i have only purchased from Ulta (in-store and online), though!

starting in the next post... the China Glaze Twinkle collection! Ria :)

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