Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gerard Cosmetics Nude Lipstick

it's warmed up a little here... my jump lesson yesterday was pretty chilly, though! when you're moving it's not too bad, you're the coldest while you're waiting your turn for sure. today i have dressage, making it up for Tuesday when it was just beyond cold with that wind!

i'm super excited about the lipstick i have to share with you all today... it's Nude from Gerard Cosmetics! (it's a press sample, kindly provided to me for review). i have heard of Gerard here and there all over the internet, but it wasn't until i saw gossmakeupartist review them HERE that i was like, man... i have to get my hands on one of those!! i'm a huge fan of Wayne Goss, and really trust his opinion. on his video, there is a code for a discount on some Gerard products :)

the Gerard lipstick in Nude is really gorgeous, a brown toned nude that isn't light enough to look concealery... although i'm not opposed to those, i know most people don't care for that effect. the pigmentation of this lipstick is crazy... a lot of nudes run really sheer, this does not. it effectively covers up your natural lip color, which is generally what i'm looking for! it has an almost (but not quite!) matte finish, which is a touch drying on me... but i have chronically dry lips. if i apply Nude over a balm, i have no issues. it has a fairly traditional waxy lipstick scent, but it isn't very strong, and i don't smell it once it's been on my lips for a little while.

on to the pictures!

here's a look a the tube, it's a traditional lipstick bullet in glossy gold... it's so reflective you can actually see me taking the photo!

and a look at the lipstick itself.

an arm swatch! remember that i'm super fair, so things look darker on me than they would on others :)

finally, a lip swatch! again, things will look different on most people than do on me... i'm on the extreme light side of the skin shade spectrum.

Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks retail for $19 each. you can find them and other products on their website,!

i've never done an on lip swatch before... hope you all found this helpful! stay warm! Ria :)

:: this lipstick is a press sample sent to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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