Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nail Life Nail Revitalizer (No Formaldehyde Added)

super glad the sun is out today... it poured yesterday, which made getting Echo in from the pasture unpleasant... plus, she was soaked where ever her blanket wasn't covering, and the blanket itself was totally soaked, too. it's so nice to have an indoor arena to ride in when it's raining... but getting back and forth is still no fun ;)

today i want to share Nail Life Nail Revitalizer in the No Formaldehyde Added formula with you all. this was recommended to me by a random lady at Sally Beauty Supply, and reinforced as wonderful by the sales girls. it's a nail treatment that can be used alone or under polish, i've been using it pretty faithfully for about a month now. i have to say, i had really high hopes for this, it's a big bottle (1 fl. oz.) that costs less than the only treatment i've found to work for my nails in the past, Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus (which is only a quarter of an ounce!). sadly, this product didn't do much for my nails. they continued to peel and rip, and i didn't really see any changes at all. i gave it much longer than i give most nail products because... it seemed like such a great deal! Nailtiques instantly makes my nails much hardier from the first application. *sigh* total bummer. i'm curious as to whether the Original formula would work better for me... but i'm probably just going to stick with Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus... even if it is spendier AND smaller.

here's the bottle...

you can find this product at Sally Beauty Supply, it retails for $7.99 and is currently on sale for $5.99. THIS is the direct link to it on!

you can find Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus as well as the entire Nailtiques range at Ulta and for $9.50. they have different treatments to target different issues nails can have... they probably have something that will work for you!

have you tried this product? did it work better for you? let me know! Ria :)

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  1. Hola me lo acaban de recomendar como un producto muy eficaz y bueno ..solo que no lo encuentro ..saven donde puedo comprarlo?


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