Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jamberry Nail Wraps

had a great lesson today... jumping lessons always tend to go better for me because then i'm short stirrups... everything seems so much easier in short stirrups! the hunt is definitely on for a saddle, i've even decided exactly what i want... so if you've got a County Conquest 17.5 with a medium tree, hit me up :D

today i'm excited to share my Jamberry experience with you all! my friend Jessica sent me a Jamberry nail wrap accent sheet so that i could do their 7 day challenge... Jamberry on one nail, regular polish on the rest. i didn't do daily pictures, but i did a simple before and after so you can really see the change!

here's what the accent sheet looks like... i also included the directions for wrap application. you'll probably need to click on the picture and make it bigger, the text doesn't show up as well as i'd hope!

application was pretty easy. i decided to use my middle nail on my dominant hand as it is super peely, and i wanted to see how the wraps held up against that. after peeling the wrap off the sheet, you heat up (i used my hair dryer) until it gets malleable, then you just apply it to your nail and smooth it out with your other fingers. trim off the major excess hanging off the nail, then fold it over and file downwards with a nail file to remove the rest! it was not quite as smooth as i would have liked once i got the excess off, but i suspect that's a technique problem that practice would help! once that's finished, you add heat to the nail again and press down firmly to bond the wrap to the nail.

here's the manicure! i'm amazed (and majorly impressed!) with how shiny the Jamberry wrap is! i did a complete manicure on the other nails using a treatment, basecoat, SpaRitual Splendid, and topcoat.

after a week, most polished nails has some chipping, my thumbs were missing significant chunks. i use my thumbs to pop out my dental retainer, so i have trouble keeping them nice. the Jamberry nail had some tip wear... i think this was due to my peeling nails. it seems like there would have been little to no wear on a normal nail... what was nice was the wrap actually helped hold my nail together. when a big chunk peeled up, i was able to glue it back down because the wrap held it!

thanks to Mr. Pawlish for taking this picture... sorry it's a little out of focus!

to remove the wrap, you heat it again and peel it off. it did hurt slightly to peel it, but i might not have gotten it warm enough. the best thing was... no damage was done to my nail wearing these! definitely an awesome alternative to false nails.

if you are interested in trying these out, please buy from my friend Jessica! here is all her info :)

hope you all are having a fantastic week! are you a Jamberry fan already? let me know! Ria :)

:: the Jamberry accent sheet is a press sample, provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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