Friday, January 23, 2015

Oil Essentials Prevent (Natural Beauty Oil)

it's supposed to snow here again starting tonight, then through tomorrow... then again on Monday! blegh. i'm listening to Marie Digby while i write today's blog... i've loved her since she got discovered so long ago :) if you like female singer/songwriters, check her out.

today i have the Oil Essentials Prevent natural beauty oil to share! i stumbled across this product at Rite Aid (which appears to be the easiest place to find it) last year, and i've been loving it since. there are multiple kinds of Oil Essentials which target different things... i went with the Prevent because it has Sweet Almond & Macadamia, and i love those types of smells! it's one of those all around oils that you can use all over your body, including your face... which i don't do, but i do use it on my hands and hair! it has a dropper, which i like, it's definitely a lot less messy than just pouring oil in your palm. what i usually do is drop a good amount into my palm, then rub it into my hands really well, concentrating a lot on my cuticles. with the excess, i rub my elbows and knees, and then run my fingers through the ends of my hair!

i'm quite happy with this oil, and will repurchase when needed... however, i've been using it for months and haven't used much! (i even accidentally spilled it over once). the dropper really keeps you from accidentally pouring out a half a bottle :) i think i will probably be trying out other types in the near future!

here's a look at the product itself!

check out the Oil Essentials website...! Oil Essentials retail for $10.99 for 1.69 ounces in Rite Aid stores. you can also purchase them on the Rite Aid website... THIS is a direct link to the Oil Essentials search results so you can see what other types they have to offer, and THIS is the direct link to the Prevent page!

hope you all have fantastic weekends! i'm not excited about the snow... but my dogs sure love it! Ria :)

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