Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Salon Perfect Cosmic Dust

spent most of the day dealing with medical shtuff... not fun, but necessary! the NWS said that the roads might be dangerous this evening so i stayed home from the barn (plus, i was exhausted)... and wouldn't you know it, nothing so far! it's supposed to be SUPER cold the next two days, so i'm planning on staying close to home. hope it's warmer where you are :)

today i have Salon Perfect Cosmic Dust to share with you all! it's a super finely milled holographic glitter suspended in a clear base. it's very reminiscent of China Glaze Fairy Dust, although i don't think they are exact matches. i will probably do a comparison post on them (and maybe some other similar polishes!) in the future. it applies pretty easily with no placing, and just a little bit of going over to get the particles even. i think the key to getting even coverage is to try and get the same amount of polish on the brush for each nail. i put Cosmic Dust over Pixi Amethyst Amore (press sample) which made it look like the night sky to me... i love them together! definitely finish off with topcoat to bring out all the sparklies :D

one coat Cosmic Dust over two coats Pixi Amethyst Amore (press sample), finished off with Salon Perfect High-Shine Top Coat.

you can find Salon Perfect products at Walmart stores and!

hope you are all having great weeks... and if not, it's Wednesday, you're on the downhill slide! Ria :)

:: Pixi Amethyst Amore is a press sample, kindly provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. :: 

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