Monday, February 23, 2015

Skindinavia The Makeup Primer and Finishing Sprays in Oil Control

this post has been a long time coming... i've been waiting for Skindinavia to have a really good deal before i posted, and it's here! today and tomorrow you can get free shipping with any order (in the US and Canada, over $40 internationally) PLUS, travel size bottles of both The Makeup Primer Spray in Oil Control AND The Makeup Finishing Spray in Oil Control.

here's the banner from the Skindinavia website!

on to the sprays themselves!

i took a picture of them jammed into the snow turned ice... we've got about 8 inches on the ground now!

i received The Makeup Primer Spray in both Original and Oil Control in a travel size awhile ago as a press sample, and i fell madly in love :) i definitely found using the Oil Control version helped keep my oil down, and both helped my makeup stay put all day. read the original post HERE! i was completely sold and immediately ordered both Oil Control sprays in the largest size. 

these sprays are absolutely fantastic for priming and then setting your makeup... i use them absolutely every time i wear makeup. i much prefer using a spray to a traditional primer, i've found it to prolong my makeup more and i love the ease of just spritzing it on. it doesn't fill in pores, but sometimes i think it makes them slightly less noticeable. use The Makeup Primer Spray after your moisturizer/sunscreen to prep for your makeup! 

once you're finished with your makeup application (although i recommend spraying before mascara because sometimes a wet face will cause your mascara to transfer!), use The Makeup Finishing Spray! you can stop there, or if you prefer a matte face, dust a little translucent powder on top. it doesn't give you a super shiny face, so i alternate between matte and glowy depending on how i'm feeling that day :)

i find that using these sprays makes my makeup not only look better initially, but also last substantially longer. i use them with all brands of makeup, and haven't found any they don't work with! also, if i'm going on a day trip and want to apply makeup after leaving home, i will bring just the The Makeup Primer Spray and find it does double duty quite well.

you can find all Skindinavia products on their website, let me know if you've tried these and how you like them... or if you plan on trying them now!

Happy Monday! Ria :)

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