Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Nails Inc. Chelsea Physic Gardens

my dogs are being pretty weird today! they keep acting like they want something and jumping all over me... but i can't figure out what it is they need. Mama Pawlish is out of town, so maybe they just miss her? who knows, they are both fruitloops :)

i found Nails Inc. Chelsea Physic Gardens either on clearance at Ulta or at a TJ Maxx type place... and since i have never tried this brand before, i couldn't pass it up! plus, it was a blue, and blue is still my fave polish color. Chelsea Physic Gardens is a robin's egg blue creme which goes on easily and isn't streaky. it's perfection at two coats and self levels really nicely... i'm super impressed with this polish. it dries SO GLOSSY on its own that you don't *need* topcoat... but i still prefer to use it to help everything dry and seal it in.

two coats Chelsea Physic Gardens, one coat FingerPaints Gel-Like Top Coat. (the FingerPaints topcoat is a press sample).

i'm working on taking my nails back to round/oval... i'm hoping i can get them long again like they used to be! working with horses all the times is pretty killer on the nails, though. even so, it's totally worth it!

Happy April Fool's Day! this year is flying! Ria :)

:: the FingerPaints product is a press sample provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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