Thursday, May 14, 2015

Influenster CoverGirl VoxBox

i'm excited for tomorrow because Mr. Pawlish is taking the day off :) he is going to an Ulta grand opening with me AND taking me to see Pitch Perfect 2... he's the best! Mama Pawlish is gone for a couple days to go to a friend's graduation, so it's just us and the puppies for a little while. the dogs are really missing her, both of them are trying to sit on top of me while i write!

today i have the Influenster CoverGirl VoxBox to share with you all! these products were sent to me for review as part of Influenster's campaign :) the contents of the box were the CoverGirl The Super Sizer mascara and the CoverGirl Intensify Me! liquid liner.

here's what they look like in the packaging...

and out of it!

here i am wearing both products :) all i have on my eyes on than these two products is a light layer of cream eye base, just to even out my lids. i don't have on any lash primer!

let's start off with the problems with both of these products... they cannot hold up to any sort of moisture. they don't seem to be affected by skin oils, but if you sweat, cry, or get caught in the rain... prepare for smudging and raccoon eyes. even Mr. Pawlish, who never notices my makeup said... your mascara is running! that's pretty huge. because of this, i'm not a fan of either product... but i have seen a review raving about the liner, so products definitely work differently for different people! let's break them down now.

CoverGirl The Super Sizer mascara in Very Black is just that... extremely pigmented and black. i definitely like that! it does a pretty good job of thickening and lengthening on its own, and is even better over a lash primer. however, the primer still doesn't prevent it from running easily. also, if it gets in your eyes it BURNS!

the wand is kind of twisted... there is a flat wide side, and a skinnier side... not sure how to describe it, but here it is in pictures!

CoverGirl Intensify Me! liquid liner in Intense Black, is black, but not quite as pigmented as i would prefer. this is a marker style wet liner with an inflexible tip, a style which i have had trouble getting to work well for me from other brands (including some very high end!). i don't find them to work well over shadows or even just cream bases... and i need to have a little something on my lids to cover veins... my lid skin is very sheer. the liner also starting skipping, so then there were patchy areas to try and cover... basically, i feel i can achieve the same look in less time and with far less aggravation with another product. the hook of this product is that the wand has a flat paddle side and a very thin side to make lines of differing thickness... but i had trouble getting the thin side to put out enough product. i also found the paddle a bit awkward to work with... i definitely prefer a traditional brush or a pointed tip to this!

here's a look at the applicator.

these two products will be launching nationwide in the US July 15... they are currently available online at Walmart... and i have seen these on an endcap display instore, and it looked a bit picked over, so people are definitely buying these products! have you tried them? what did you think?

i'm bummed that neither of these products worked for me, i hope you have better luck! Ria :)

:: these products were provided to me as part of an Influenster campaign for review purposes. these are my honest opinions! ::

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