Saturday, May 30, 2015

theBalm Haul, Swatches, & First Impressions!

i went over to Kohl's yesterday while i was out running around with Mama Pawlish. i've been wanting to try out theBalm makeup, but i never seem to be anywhere that sells it. the only brick and mortar store that i know of that sells theBalm in the US is Kohl's... so i decided to head in and check it out!

i was a bit overwhelmed (in the best way possible!) at all the offerings, but i decided to keep it to a couple face powders and a lipstick... my current obsessions. i love that their colored face powders are intended to double as eyeshadows... love having more uses for one product! i got Mary-Lou Manizer because i've so many people rave about it i just had to try it for myself, InStain Pinstripe because i was instantly smitten with the color, and theBalm Girls lipstick in Mai Billsbepaid because i can't control myself around nude lip products :D

here's what they look like in the packaging... then we'll get on to the products themselves! swatches of them all will be at the end of the post :)

Mary-Lou Manizer ~ $24

Mary-Lou Manizer has such an adorable box and compact... i just had to photograph the back of the box so you can see it, the compact has the same cute picture as the front of the box.

here's a look at Mary-Lou Manizer up close!

it's a beautiful light golden champagne powder that looks beautiful as a cheek highlighter, but also can be used as an eyeshadow! it's super soft, pigmented, and easy to blend. so glad i finally picked it up! i'm ultra fair, and i love how it looks on me. i think it's one of those colors that will be beautiful on you, no matter what your skin tone is!

InStain Pinstripe ~ $22

InStain Pinstripe is a beautiful plummy blush with super subtle golden shimmers. like the highlighter, this can be used as either a face product OR an eyeshadow! also like the highlighter, it's super smooth and pigmented. depending on the brush you use, you can get a sheer wash of color, or you can build it up as opaque as you could possibly want :)

Mai Billsbepaid ~ $17

lastly, we have the lipstick, Mai Billsbepaid. i love that the name and packaging plays on James Bond themes... theBalm Girls, starring James Balm and Mai Billsbepaid! if you're a Bond fan like me, that's a selling point for sure! i'm definitely hanging on to these boxes :) this is one of those lipsticks that look so different swatched on my arm than on my lips. on my arm, it looks like a darker nude... on my lips, it's totally a light pinky mauve, my lips but better! it's actually the most perfect match for my natural lip color that i've ever found :D

here are swatchies are of all three!

you can find theBalm on their website, you can also find their products in store at Kohl's, and on the Kohl's website

hope you all enjoyed this look at theBalm! i'm so glad i decided to give them a try. have you used any of their products? what do you recommend?? i'd love to try out your suggestions!

Happy Saturday! Ria :)


  1. I like the sound of all of them! =) I really like the Mary-Lou Manizer packaging! :o SO cute!

    1. i can't get over how cute these boxes are... i can't bear to throw them away!! :D


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