Monday, June 29, 2015

FingerPaints Once In A Wild Press Release

today was absolutely gorgeous, not too hot and not very muggy! Echo and i did a fitness ride today in her pasture and she was so good :) i have the press release for the new FingerPaints collection Once In A Wild to share with you all today! i should have the samples soon, i can't wait to try them out!!

Once In A Wild

From Left to Right:
Exotic Emerald, Titian Tint, Vermillion $ Painting, Amazon Sky, Amethyst Accent, Once in a Wild

FingerPaints Once in a Wild is a LIMITED EDITION collection of rich, pearlescent greens, blues and purples to a fiery orange and rose gold. Let your inner amazon vixen run free with this fierce collection.
Let go of your inhibitions with this WILD collection. This collection goes deep into the jungle with deep pearlescent blues, greens and purples. Feeling particularly fierce today? Try our fiery orange and rose gold.
In Sally Beauty stores July-August 2015.

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