Monday, June 8, 2015

Lypsyl Original Mint

we have been supposed to be having thunderstorms still this afternoon... still nothing! we're under watches and warnings... and yet... nothing. i guess we'll see! it was nice at the barn this morning, it wasn't too awfully hot and there was a breeze :) it'd be nice if it stayed that way for my lessons over the next two days! i've been typing this post, the thunderstorm finally showed up :D

today i have a new lip balm to share! i found Lypsyl Original Mint at Walmart, and i just had to give it a try. it's touted as being Sweden's number one lip balm!

i LOVE the packaging, it's absolutely adorable! the tube is chunky and oval shaped, as is the balm itself. there is a little bee on the lid, but the best part is that the button you use to push up the balm is a bee! SO CUTE!

this balm has a nice peppermint scent, when you first apply it there's a slight tingle. it definitely doesn't burn like a plumping product can, it more just makes your lips feel cold. it has a lovely slip to it, and moisturizes well. like most balms, it's not going to last but so long if you constantly rub your lips together... like i do. it's not quite thick enough for me to use overnight, but it's perfect for daytime use!

check out their products at! i found this balm at Walmart, the Lypsyl website lists more vendors HERE. the balms retail for around $3 in the US!

have you guys seen this brand around? they have another balm that has SPF in a Honeyberry flavor that sounds awesome! let me know if you've tried and what your thoughts are! Ria :)

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