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Pixi Quick Fix Bronzer & Makeup Fixing Mist

had a really great jumping lesson on Echo yesterday! she was really good for the most part, and anything else just helps me learn how to better work with her :) i'm sitting outside with the dogs to write this post... it's pretty nice right now because a storm is rolling in, so it's not hot! bunnies come out of the woods outside of our backyard fence and it drives the dogs bonkers :D they run back and forth like crazy! both of them think they're human so they don't really like being outside... i have to force them and then they stand at the door looking at me booboo faces. so goofy!

i'm SO EXCITED to share with you all what came in June's blogger sample box from Pixi Beauty... it's awesome! (these are all press samples, kindly provided to me for review). first there is the nail polish Coral Cantaloupe ($8) reviewed and swatched separately HERE! then there is the Quick Fix Bronzer ($20), and the Makeup Fixing Mist ($15) :D

here's the box!

the Quick Fix Bronzer is an all in one product that doesn't need any extra tools for use. it has a powder poof that dispenses the loose powder bronzer when tapped, and a mirror on the lid so you can see where you're applying the product!

getting the loose powder to come through the poof seems to be quite tricksy. i tapped and tapped and tapped and couldn't get anything out... so i pushed really hard with my finger and accidentally shoved part of the poof in the container! after i pulled it back out, i had no problems getting product to dispense... so maybe that's the trick? i wasn't sure this product would work for my skintone as i'm ultra fair and so only contour, i don't bronze my face. i was really happy to find that i was able to tap out product and blend along my cheekbone without it looking crazy! the color is a tad warm for some people's taste in a contour and it does have a subtle golden shimmer/sheen... but i find that helps to warm up my face on days i feel a bit peaky :)

here's a swatch in the shade... 

and one in the sun!

on to the Makeup Fixing Mist... i'm OBSESSED with this product!

i've been intrigued by this product since i saw in one of Pixi's newsletter emails a couple months ago. i've meant to pick it up but hadn't gotten around to it... you can imagine the squeals of delight when i opened my blogger box this month!! :D what made this most interesting to me is that it can be used a variety of ways... 

here's the list straight from the Pixi website!

Before makeup: extends makeup wear.
After makeup: sets makeup & adds a soft-focus finish.
Anytime: refreshes makeup, hydrates and balances.
i was super anxious to test out the claim that it can be used as both a primer AND setting spray... sprays i've tried in the past have only worked for one or the other. a single spray that does both and can be used throughout the day definitely sounds like a ringer! and boy, does this spray deliver! using it before and after makeup application absolutely extend the wear of my makeup throughout the day... plus, it has more of a satin finish once dry which i prefer over the ultra dewy finish i've found to common in finishing sprays. it contains both Rose Water and Green Tea... i think the Rose Water has a lot to do with the satin finish it leaves!
for application, i fold my lips over so that it doesn't get on my mouth, then spray in circle extending outward from my nose around five or six times. remember to use a primer spray BEFORE you apply mascara, because if the mascara is not dry it could transfer to your cheeks! (this is experience talking!). i do wish the spray was a bit more fine, because once i did spray too much and had a droplet roll down my forehead! to prevent this, i just tip my head back while i'm spraying and then for a few seconds after to let it dry a bit. since doing that, no problems at all! my only other nitpick is the smell... you can really smell the Rose Water in it. since that's what it's made of, it's not surprising... i just don't care for that smell very much. however, this spray is absolutely amazing and the smell is just a minor dislike!!
if you hadn't noticed, i'm just completely smitten with the Makeup Fixing Mist... i plan on picking up another bottle tomorrow to keep in my bathroom! since getting it, it's the only spray i want to use, and i'm tired of carrying it back and forth from my bathroom where i put on my priming spray after sunscreen, to my bedroom where my vanity is. i know, i know... #ultralazy ;)

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you can find Pixi products at Target stores,, and!! the Quick Fix Bronzer retails for $20 and the Makeup Fixing Mist retails for $15. these already on the shelves at my local Targets!
i hope you've all enjoyed this look into June's Pixi sample box!! i have to say, receiving them is always my fave mail day of the month :D
have you guys tried any of these products? what did you think? Ria :)

:: these products were provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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