Wednesday, July 29, 2015

FingerPaints Once In A Wild... Amazon Sky

i'm watching The Real Housewives of Orange County while i write this post... man, those girls are crazy! i totally love these shows, i love watching people who's life drama far exceeds my own ;) August is shaping up to be a super stressful month... glad i have my Housewives!

Amazon Sky is today's FingerPaints Once In A Wild collection polish! (it's a press sample, kindly provided with me for review). i've never been to the Amazon, so i have no idea what the sky looks like... but this polish is gorgeous nonetheless! it's an ultra-shimmery saturated warm blue... as you guys probably know, i can never get enough blues :D the formula for this one is fantastic, two easy coats for full opacity... i was concerned because some of these types of polishes have less than stellar formula, but this one is so easy to apply! you can leave it at the matte sandpapery type finish it dries down to, but i prefer this one with topcoat... it just comes alive :)

two coats Amazon Sky, one coat Salon Perfect Crystal Clear Top Coat. (both are press samples).

FingerPaints polishes are sold exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply and their website!

seriously... how awesome is this blue?! Happy Wednesday! Ria :)

:: these products were provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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