Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Comodynes Make-Up Remover Towelettes for Normal Skin

had a great jump lesson today, and my dressage lesson yesterday went really well, too! although... yesterday a horse stepped on my foot while i leading her out of the pasture... OUCH. thankfully, i don't think anything broke, it's just majorly bruised! i'll take that any day.

today i have a completely new to me brand, Comodynes, to share with you all! they were kind enough to send me their Make-Up Remover Towelettes for Normal Skin to try out :) these are infused with a micellar solution which really helps to break up makeup!

i've tried loads of different brands of makeup remover wipes, so i was really excited to give these a go. the first thing i noticed after opening the package was the scent... it smells so lovely! it reminds of an expensive cream you'd get at a facial... not perfumey, just fresh and inviting. the wipes are fairly large, not the biggest i've seen, but far from the smallest.

these are touted as removing all makeup in a minute, even waterproof makeup! i can't speak to that as i don't even have any waterproof makeup, but can attest it works really well on all face makeup and mascara. if you have a lot of mascara on with a base, you will have to work harder to get it off... but it absolutely does come off. i prefer not to have to rub my eyes so much, so i put on a cream eye makeup remover, then use the wipes to remove it and the rest of my face makeup. i only need one wipe for everything!

there are also remover wipes geared towards specific skin types... here's the press on those!

  • The original makeup remover towelette for Normal Skin (white package) with Mallow (soothes, heals and softens) is designed for all skin types.  Removes even the most stubborn makeup – including waterproof - and dirt.  In one minute, your skin is clean and bright, and ready for bed, the gym or a fresh, new makeup look.  
    Available in convenient resealable 20 towelette carry packs.  (SRP: $6.25.)
  • For Sensitive & Dry Skin, micellar cleansing towelettes with Oats and Lotus Flower (yellow package) remove impurities and makeup, leaving the skin soft, clean, toned and moisturized.  Thanks to the soothing and nourishing properties of Oats and Lotus Flower, this formula is perfect for dry and sensitive skin types. Alcohol free. Available in convenient resealable 20 towelette carry packs.  (SRP: $6.25.)
  • A must for women with super sensitive skin, Comodynes’ Super Sensitive towelettes (pink package) use a soothing formula that contains CalendulaChamomile and Tilia extracts, among others, making it mild for even the most sensitive skin.  The towelettes do not contain any aggressive surfactants (SLES & SLS) and have been microbiologically test to ensure a comfortable cleansing action.  (SRP: $7.50.)
  • Designed for Oily & Combination Skin (green package), Comodynes uses Green Tea and Hamamelis Water – a formula that is ideal for mixed/oily skin.  The Green Tea provides anti-bacterial and antioxidant benefits, while the Hamamelis Water helps keep skin clear and absorbs oil.  Available in convenient resealable 20 towelette carry packs.  (SRP: $6.25.)

the tipping for me is the scent... i definitely plan on ordering these from their website, there are 20 towelettes in a pack, and the price is better if you buy multiple packs... $6.25 for 1 pack, $22.00 for 4 packs, and $26.00 for 5 packs! i'm leaning towards the 5 pack deal, as you do have to pay for shipping... the price of shipping increases with the dollar amount spent, so that has to be factored in.

have you heard of Comodynes? tried them? let me know!

Happy Wednesday! Ria :)

:: this product is a press samples sent to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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