Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pixi 20% Off Friends & Family Sale!

spent today sorting nail polish... got about halfway through! i have so many, it's definitely time to cull some for charity. if you need to weed out your collection, i highly recommend donating to a women's charity... that way you get to help other women who are in need!

got an email from Pixi Beauty today... it's time for their 20% Off Friends & Family Sale! all you need to do is enter the code PIXIFF at checkout... and if you spend over $25 shipping is free :D

if you've been wanting to try out Pixi... now's a great time! i absolutely love them, and they have come out with some awesome new stuff here lately. if you search Pixi on my blog, you find a list of blog posts on Pixi if you need some help picking out stuff :) 

let me know what get from the sale... 

Happy Tuesday! Ria :)

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