Friday, October 16, 2015

Sale Alert :: Butter London Friends & Family!

dragged Mama Pawlish to the Dover Saddlery tent sale this morning before i took her to her medical appointment... so glad i did! i got an awesome deal on a pair of field boots and a few other things... but the field boots were definitely my score of the day :D

i wasn't planning to do this post today, but i had to let you guys know! Butter London is having their Friends & Family sale which gives you 30% off your purchase, use the code FF15... it runs through October 20, 2015.

and if you check out today, there is a different code for 35% off. BEAUTYBONUS15 expires today, so you'll have to act fast on that one! sorry i didn't get this post up earlier :( as usual, with any order over $50 you get free shipping!

if you need some ideas on what to buy, search Butter London in the top left corner of the blog... i love pretty much everything from this brand. i'm not a huge fan of the mascara, but the mascara PRIMER is AMAZING!

the pictures are from the Butter London email! their promo stuff is always so adorable. let me know if you pick anything up! Ria :)

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