Wednesday, October 14, 2015

You're Still The One!... Salon Perfect Crystal Clear Top Coat

Mama Pawlish hasn't been feeling well, so i've been helping her with doctors and tests this week. my riding lesson today got canceled, which turned okay because Mama Pawlish had to go get a test done at a place that was really confusing to find! hoping the doctor figures out what's going on soon.

i thought i'd like to do some posts on things i was really excited about the first time i reviewed them... and am still madly in love with them to this day! i wanted to start out with Salon Perfect Crystal Clear Top Coat... it's my all-time, holy grail topcoat :D you can read my original review HERE.

it dries really quickly, dries the polish under, AND is ultra glossy! i used up my press samples and am now on to buying bottles myself. it's just better than anything else on the market in my opinion... and it's only $3.96! i really appreciate the price point, and the fact it lasts longer before thickening in the bottles than other (far more expensive) comparable brands. it works best over something, so lay down a basecoat if you just want shiny nails. it does seem to be more glossy over traditional polish, though!

<3 the bottle <3

Salon Perfect products are exclusive to Walmart stores and and most retail for $3.98. THIS is the direct link to Salon Perfect Crystal Clear Top Coat on the website!

Salon Perfect High-Shine Top Coat comes in a three piece kit... it's a nice topcoat, but i don't like it nearly as much as Crystal Clear! it doesn't dry as fast, which majorly bums me out.

have you tried this topcoat? is it as amazing to you as it is to me?! let me know! Ria :)

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