Wednesday, October 7, 2015

You've Pared Down Your Polish Collection... Now What?

had a jump lesson today and it went really well! super happy to be back on my game after whiffling that lesson a couple weeks ago. Echo was super good... she earned two peppermints :D

i finally got up the gumption to sort through my massive polish collection! i'm about halfway through actually culling the polishes... it takes forever to divide them by color. however, i think it's the easiest way to decide what to keep! once i've got them divided by color, i pull out my fave brands and then see what else i have that's similar and can therefore leave. one thing you have to do is walk away from the project once you hit the wall where you just can't bear to let anything go... put each color group into its own bag and return to it later!

once you've got what you want to get rid of, i like to give a little to family and friends, and the bulk will go to charity :) most cities will have women's shelters that would love to have your extras to give to women in need... and i can't think of a better of cause! i'm planning on sending some of mine to a local women's shelter, and the rest will hopefully go to Costa Rica to help a woman missionary who is training women there to do their makeup and nails in order to look professional for jobs :)

here's the pile before sorting... i forgot to take a picture once it was in color groups!

once it was spread out, it took up most of my queen size bed... it was definitely time to find new homes for some. i found that some had completely dried out... which shouldn't happen, but it did! hate to think of polish being completely wasted. another reason i wanted to weed out my collection is that we move a lot due to Mr. Pawlish's job... and by giving it to charity, it really makes me feel good about my choice!

i know a lot of people are 'black hole collectors' and keep every polish that comes into their possession, and if they have room to do that i think it's great! i really enjoy seeing people's epic polish collections :D which kind of collector are you?

congratulations, you've made it halfway through the week! Ria :)

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