Monday, November 9, 2015

Comodynes Coupon Code!

it's turned cold again here in Maryland... i've never lived somewhere that has such insane weather before! i'm thinking it's going to actually stay cold this time... but, who knows? i would definitely rather it pick a temperature rather than ratcheting up and down every day. Echo is already super furry... that doesn't bode well as to how much snow we'll be seeing o.O i'm hoping i'm wrong, i really just don't like snow. i mean, it's beautiful, but i hate having to be out in it or deal with it :D

today i want to share with you the coupon code that Comodynes shared on their Facebook page! it's a code for 10% off that was originally shared in Woman's Today magazine :) the code is WWCOMO10 and it's good until January 8, 2016! i've already put in my order... it got to me SO FAST. i ordered Friday night, and it was here today, Monday! i can't believe it :)

this photo is taken from the Comodynes Facebook page!

i was sent a package of the Comodynes Make-Up Remover Towelettes for Normal Skin as a press sample and am now completely hooked. i tried to use up the other brand i had purchased previously... but my skin is now spoiled and only wants the Comodynes :D read my review HERE!

let me know if you make an order and how you like them!

Happy Monday! Ria :)

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