Tuesday, November 24, 2015

FingerPaints Tis the Season to Sparkle... Sterling Sculpture

so... i accidentally ate some raw ham today. Mama Pawlish had bought some country ham, and while she was cutting it up, i grabbed a few pieces. i thought it was precooked and just needed to be warmed up... but i was completely incorrect! can't believe i did that... can't believe nobody said anything! gross.

on a much happier note, today's FingerPaints Tis the Season to Sparkle polish is Sterling Sculpture! (it's a press sample, kindly provided to me for review). it's a chunky silver hex glitter in different sizes set into a clear base. this is definitely one to use as a topper, it would take loads of coats to be opaque on its own. i used it over FingerPaints Romanesque Rouge (press sample) which is a red creme... these two together make for the perfect Christmas party polish! make sure to finish off with topcoat to bring out the glitter sparklies :)

one coat Sterling Sculpture over FingerPaints Romanesque Rouge.

FingerPaints polishes are sold exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply and their website www.SallyBeauty.com!

Mr. Pawlish will hopefully only have a half day tomorrow... that way i can drag him to my jumping lesson to take videos! hope you all are having a fun week! Ria :)

:: these products were provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::


  1. What a pretty and festive glitter!!

    1. i love how normal the color is and yet the polish still looks fresh and fun :)


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