Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser & Mask

whew, crazy around here what with all the snow... and now trying to prepare to leave to watch Brother Pawlish graduate from boot camp! more stress is added on because my Nonna's old house sold... so Mama Pawlish has to get whatever she wants from there this weekend. it's going to be quite a week! i'm definitely really going to miss Mr. Pawlish and the doggies, not to mention riding Princess Echo... totally worth it to go support Brother Pawlish, though :)

my sample box from Pixi this month had two face products from their brand new skincare line! (they are press samples, kindly provided to me for review). their new line is called Pixi Skintreats, today i'm reviewing Glow Mud Cleanser and Glow Mud Mask!

here they are :D

lets start with the Glow Mud Cleanser! it retails for $18, THIS is the direct link to it on Pixi's site. it's a thick brown cream, pretty typical for a mud skincare product. what really makes this one stand out is that it has 5% glycolic acid and aloe vera added to it! the glycolic acid works as an exfoliant... i find that washing with just my fingertips can leave peeling skin behind, but when used on a silicone scrubbie it's perfect! i have been just using this on the daily to exfoliate and cleanse in the morning... only rarely feeling the need to pull out a scrub with some type of exfoliating beads in it. i'm not missing those at all, as i tended to have the exfoliating beads fall into my eyes and refuse to come out! 

next is the Glow Mud Mask :) it retails for $22, THIS is the direct link! this mask can be used once or twice a week at night for only 15 minutes. it's a dark greYish color that dries to a much lighter color. you can absolutely see it pulling ick out of your pores once it's dry... i had little dark dots on top of all my large pores! AWESOME.

i'm super impressed with these two offerings from Pixi's Skintreats line... and i'm really picky about skincare. as for brightening up my skin... i don't really see a difference, but i love the way they clean and exfoliate... and that's the key for me :)

you can find even more Pixi products at Target stores,, and!! 

not sure how many (if any!) blogs i will be putting up for the next week... but i have some awesome polish collections coming up once i'm back! Ria :)

:: these products were provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

Saturday, January 23, 2016

China Glaze House of Colour Collection Press Release

whelp, we're totally snowed in here in Maryland! high winds and a foot and a half of snow... so far. it's supposed keep on coming down, possibly into tomorrow morning. church has already been cancelled for tomorrow... can't believe all this snow!

on a much happier note (for me at least, some people are loving all the snow!), here is the press release on China Glaze's new collection, House of Colour! i saw a display at Ulta, and these polishes are stunning.

hope it's warm where you are, stay safe! Ria :)


China Glaze® Introduces Spring 2016 Collection

Free your mind and travel back to a time when far out style and free spirited attitudes converged for one colourful explosion. In the 70s, rockers, hippies, disco dancers and everyone in between celebrated their fashion independence by expressing themselves with wild colours, patterns and shapes. There was no right or wrong; paisley went with stripes, checks went with plaids and they all lived in harmony, can you dig? This Spring China Glaze® introduces House of Colour, a collection celebrating the independent vibes of this eclectic era. Chic crèmes, trippy shimmers, punky chromes and glitters all come together in this unique 12-piece collection.

While inspired by the past, this creative palette still hits the mark on current times, capturing colour trends seen on Spring 2016 catwalks including muted metallic, bright white, creamy nude, and opalescent glitters.

The China Glaze® House of Colour collection includes:  
  • Shut the Front Door: Pink crème
  • Chrome Is Where the Heart Is: Blush chrome
  • Sorry I’m Latte: Nude crème
  • Glitter Me This…: Gold, pink and white multi glitter
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Sun: Light yellow crème
  • Let’s Chalk About It: Ultra soft pink crème
  • About Layin’ Out: Salmon pink crème
  • Pink or Swim: Warm bubblegum pink crème
  • In the Near Fuchsia: Fuchsia crème
  • Moonlight the Night: Translucent blue and purple color-reflective glitter
  • Come Rain or Shine: Bold blue shimmer
  • Don’t Be Shallow: Sky blue crème

Express your individuality with the China Glaze® House of Colour collection, available in February 2016 at Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply.  MSRP $7.50 for individual shades.

For more information, please visit or follow China Glaze on Facebook (@ChinaGlazeOfficial), Instagram (@ChinaGlazeOfficial), Twitter (@ChinaGlaze) and Pinterest (

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

i cannot even believe we might have a blizzard this weekend! noooooo!! it's staying super cold here... i haven't even gone to the barn at all this week. i have a lesson tomorrow, so i have to go... i think Echo and i are going to turn into a horsecicle :D thank goodness we have an indoor arena to ride in!

today i want to share my thoughts on Smashbox Full Exposure mascara with you all! i received it in an ipsy bag a couple months ago and was excited to try it out. the version i got is the regular, although it is made in waterproof as well for the same price ($22). it only comes in one color, Jet Black, and it is a really nice dark black! the brush is traditional bristles (not plastic/rubber) and is in a cone shape... but, man, it is HUGE! i prefer a bit smaller of a brush, but it wasn't too hard to work with. i can't get quite the volume and length i like with this mascara, even with a primer, but i tend towards ultra dramatic lashes... i think a lot of people would dig this mascara. my only real complaint is that it came down under my eyes a bit... but that happens with most mascaras on me... not sure why!

here's a look at the product itself! this is a sample size :)

here it is close up on my eyes... this is two coats, no primer!

and finally... a whole look :) the brow product i am wearing is Smashbox Brow Tech To Go in Brunette (press sample), check out my review HERE!

you can find Smashbox at loads of department stores and beauty stores... including my precious Ulta :D check out what else Smashbox has to offer on their website,Smashbox.comTHIS is the direct link to Full Exposure in the regular formula!

Happy Wednesday! Ria :)

:: the products indicated are press samples provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

Monday, January 18, 2016

Press Releases on NEW Products from FingerPaints!

i was planning a mascara post for today... but once i got these press releases in my email, i just had to get right on sharing them :D

i'm most excited for these... a basecoat and topcoat designed specifically for neon polishes... GENIUS! 

Neon Top & Base Coat
February 2016
From Left to Right:
Base Coat for Neons and Top Coat for Neons

The new FingerPaints Base Coat for Neons leaves an opaque white base perfect for making any neon shade pop and to help prevent staining. The FingerPaints Top Coat for Neons features an innovative formula designed with a UV protectant to seal in vibrancy, protect from color fading and to make your neons stay brighter, longer.

Exclusively in Sally Beauty stores February 2016.

next up... NEW shades :D

New Shades February 2016
From Left to Right:
Dye-ing To Know, Off To Collage!, Clay on Words, The Mural of the Story, A-Cry-Lic A Girl, I’m So Enameled By You, Umber-Ella and To The Plinth Degree

New FingerPaints nail colors feature a range of shades and finishes sure to give you a gorgeous mani with the same pigmented color and high shine you expect. From truly stunning chunky holographic glitters, new creamy shades and new neon shades that will all prove to be great additions to your nail polish collection.

Exclusively in Sally Beauty stores February 2016.

lastly... more new shades, this time from their Endless Wear line! i've never tried any Endless Wear shades... let me know what you think if you have! Wild About Hue looks like a duochrome, so naturally i'm drooling :D

New Endless Wear Shades February 2016
From Left to Right:
What Have Hue Done?, A Hue Too Many, On Your Marker Get Set Go, Don’t Be Such An Airbrush, Folk He-Art, Ink-Ognito, Object D’Art, Miro Miro On the Wall, Wild About Hue and I Th-Ink Therefore I Am

New shades of FingerPaints Endless Wear are sure to give you the long wear you desire in fun new colors. A range of creamy pinks and reds are sure to become favorites along with new metallics sure to add that extra shine.

Find in Sally Beauty stores February 2016.

so, what do you guys think?? what are you most excited about?

we are freezing our tushies over here in Maryland, hope you are warm and toasty where ever you are! Ria :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Smashbox Brow Tech To Go in Brunette

it was SO COLD today! 29F with a 'real feel' of 15F... that's just gross. didn't go ride today because of it... i didn't want to be in the cold, and Echo would freeze without a blanket on. we did have a really great jump lesson yesterday, we worked trust building and spook training... so proud of my Princess <3

today i have Smashbox Brow Tech To Go in Brunette to share with you all! (it's a press sample, kindly provided to me for review). it's a double-sided eyebrow pencil, one side having a twist-up pencil, the other having a clear brow gel. i love how convenient it is to have both in the same product, makes it super quick and easy to get your brows done! i love that the tip of the pencil is flat and slanted... makes it really easy to follow the line of your brows. the formula of the pencil is quite creamy, so remember to use a lighter hand as opposed to some that are more waxy and hard. it doesn't set right away, so if you make a booboo you have a little time wipe off and redo. the brush for the gel is nice and small, which is key to me for eyebrow products. i had no problems with it running or disappearing throughout the day... definitely stays in place!

a look at the product and packaging...

and here it is swatched. you can get a lighter look by not pressing as hard and not going over the same spot as many times! Brunette has a fairly warm tone to it... for a lighter color and cooler tone you should go with their other color, Taupe. if i had bought this myself, i think i would have gone for the Taupe!

and here it is on me :D the lips and eyelashes are Smashbox products, too (purchased by me). posts on those coming up next!

you can find Smashbox at loads of department stores and beauty stores... including my precious Ulta :D check out what else Smashbox has to offer on their website, Smashbox.comTHIS is the direct link to Brow Tech To Go!

hope you're all having fantastic weeks! Ria :)

:: the products indicated are press samples provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

Monday, January 11, 2016

Deborah Lippmann Video Killed The Radio Star

Mama Pawlish and i ran a few errands today... crazy how sometimes it feels like Walmart sucks the life out of you! we were able to get some good deals, though, so it was worth it :) it was cold AND windy today, so no barn time... wind is just brutal, makes it feel so much colder outside!

Deborah Lippmann Video Killed The Radio Star is today's polish! i found it at TJ Maxx so i got a great deal on it... and it's gorgeous. it's a saturated warm toned blue creme... kind of like a really intense sky blue. her polishes are just so amazing... one coat really would have been enough, and it's so yummy and rich looking with two! it dries down pretty shiny on its own, but, like most times, it's even better with topcoat.

two coats Video Killed The Radio Star, one coat Salon Perfect Crystal Clear Top Coat.

i'm finding that my cell phone takes way more color accurate pictures of some colors than my expensive DSLR does... what's up with that?! i may be switching to the cell phone permanently. crazy.

hope you are all happy and well! Ria :)