Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Butter London Plush Rush Lipstick in Free

i was supposed to have a dressage lesson today, but it was really snowing this morning... and now, NOTHING! oh, well... i'm having it tomorrow instead, so it's not a big deal :) glad i picked tomorrow instead of Thursday... it's supposed to brutally cold and windy. wind is the worst!

i'm excited to review Butter London Plush Rush Lipstick in Free today! Plush Rush is Butter London's new line of lip products which includes lipstick, lipliner and lipgloss. i'm pretty bummed because it looks like this new line is replacing their Lippy Tinted Balms, which i LOVE. glad i have the ones i want already!

after checking everything out at Ulta, i decided on giving the lipsticks a go before trying anything else :) the packaging is SO cute!!

i decided on Free; which is a warm, pale pink, peachy beige-toned nude cream (so many adjectives, sorry!). it's definitely not matte, but it's not ultra shiny either. a bit shinier than a satin, is how i'd describe it. the tube is so trick... it's shiny black and has a magnetic closure! magnetic closures are the way to my heart, they're just so sleek and somehow even sexy!

it's a touch darker than it looks on my lips... it just flat refused to photograph correctly! the hand swatch is pretty close, though :)

i was majorly concerned that this was going to be one of those lip products that burns your lips off, as this line claims to plump your lips. thankfully, it just has a slight minty tingle when you first put it on, but it stops completely within ten to twenty minutes. it's does not sting like some i've tried... i can't stand those ones with things like cinnamon in them that make your lips feel like they are being burned off! 

the formula is creamy and a bit thick, and stays on fairly well, even through my nervous habit of rubbing my lips together! you will definitely need to reapply after eating, though. even without liner, i didn't have problems with it going outside my lip line :)

here are the claims Butter London makes about these lipsticks!

Why It's Brill - Features & Benefits:
- 100% of women experienced an immediate increase in lip fullness.
- 34% of women saw an increase in lip moisture over time.
- No Feathering/Bleeding
- Formulated with a Plumping Complex moisturizes lips and makes them firmer, smoother, and more defined.
- Formulated with a Phyto-Endorphin Complex to boost your mood.

the most interesting claim is that these lipsticks will boost your mood through their Phyto-Endorphin Complex... i have to say, i really haven't noticed a difference.

you can find these babies at ButterLondon.com and any other Butter London retailers should have them... as usual, i bought mine from Ulta. the lipsticks retail for $22.

coming up next is a couple deodorant reviews... not as exciting as makeup and polish, but arguably way more important :D

Happy Tuesday! Ria :)

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