Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Degree Dry Spray Anti-perspirant in Sexy Intrigue

it was quite cold today... but it's supposed to be super cold tomorrow! i had my dressage lesson today and it was pretty awesome... Echo and i are really learning how to work together :) weather people are calling for some kind of cold snap, 20sF tomorrow with a wind chill of teens! noooo, thank you. i can take cold, but not wind :P

today i have an anti-perspirant to share! it's Degree Dry Spray in Sexy Intrigue... i have been so excited about the return of spray anti-perspirant, it's just so much easier and keeps your clothes cleaner than traditional types of anti-perspirant.

i LOVE the scent of Sexy Intrigue, i have used it in the past in the stick form. it's a nice musky, warm perfume... not too heavy, so it doesn't interfere if you want to wear another fragrance. so easy to use, just shake it up and press the button. one of the best things about it is that it dries right away, unlike some other brands of spray anti-perspirant i've tried. it also really helps control my sweating... i'm (sadly) a very sweaty human! with this, not nearly as much moisture break through and definitely keeps the stink away. this could be due to their 'motionsense' technology... not sure how it works, but it definitely does in this product. the only bad thing is that with the aerosol, but the deodorant scent and the aerosol scent are quite strong... overpowering almost. it kicks off my asthma and i immediately start coughing :( i tried it for about a week, but after it happened every time, i had to accept that this product just isn't for me. i gave it to Mama Pawlish... and she also felt the scent made her throat uncomfortable, and she doesn't have asthma. i do recommend trying this baby out to see if the scent bothers you... but make sure to buy it from somewhere you can return it to if it doesn't work for you.

i believe i bought this product at Target... but it should stocked where Degree products are sold.

tomorrow... another anti-perspirant review, this one including Mr. Pawlish as i was sent the male and female versions in an Influenster VoxBox!

hope your week is wonderful... either way, you're halfway through! Ria :)

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