Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirants (Influenster Target Dry Spray VoxBox)

the windchill here today was in the low teens Fahrenheit... so i totally did not leave the house! it was actually around 28F... but i wasn't about to go anywhere with wind that brutal. just watching it from my house was enough :)

today i have the Influenster Target Dry Spray VoxBox to share! i got selected to participate in this Influenster campaign, and both products shown were sent to me to review. i was absolutely delighted to get the Dove Dry Spray antiperspirants as there were a few other brand options i could have received. one was the Degree Dry Spray Anti-perspirant that i reviewed HERE yesterday! i was sent Dove Dry Spray in Cool Essentials (for women) and Dove Men+Care Dry Spray in Extra Fresh. i love that this campaign had something for Mr. Pawlish to try as well!

i'll start off with mine, the Dove Dry Spray in Cool Essentials! i have actually already been using this product in different scents since it came out... so for quite some time now. i am in love with it! it's so easy, you just spray it on and you're done. it does not moisturize as well as the Dove Advanced Care Deodorant (check out the review HERE) which is in stick form, but far better than the Degree dry spray from yesterday. it helps keep my armpits dry, and most importantly, not ever stinky! i can't use the Degree product due to my asthma, but happily i can use the Dove with little problems... just have to make sure not to take a big sniff as i'm spraying it on. my only complaint is that it doesn't dry instantly on me... not sure if i hold it too close or spray too much... at any rate, i can't get it to instant dry on me. they do dry completely though! all the scents this product comes in are nice, i've tried them all :) Cool Essentials is not super cucumbery smelling, more just fresh and cool... which i appreciate because i'm not a big cucumber fan!

Mr. Pawlish has been using the Dove Men+Care Dry Spray in Extra Fresh :D he LOVES it! i was shocked that he is such a big fan... he plans to only buy this product (maybe in different scents?) after he uses all the deodorants he has already bought. the scent is a bit stronger in this one, my asthma doesn't tolerate the combo of the fragrance and aerosol as well as it does the women's version. it doesn't bother Mr. Pawlish at all, though. he says this product even keeps his armpits drier than other products he has tried... PLUS, it dries instantly on him!

you should be able to find these products where ever Dove antiperspirant products are sold :) i usually buy mine from either Target or a military/dependant only store. Target has the best scent selection for sure!

have you guys tried any of these new dry spray antiperspirants? what do you think?

stay warm and safe, where ever you are <3 Ria :)

:: these products were sent to me by Influenster, through their VoxBox program. these are my honest opinions. ::

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