Wednesday, March 9, 2016

China Glaze House of Colour... Glitter Me This...

Echo and i did another fitness day today... both of us were big time struggling at the end! after that, she got a bath. she does NOT appreciate baths. however, she was absolutely filthy, and i just had to take advantage of such a beautiful day! tomorrow we will just do some walking... which i thought we would be doing today, but when i got there i was feeling having another workout. so sore... which makes me so happy! grow muscles grow :D

we've come to the two glitters in the China Glaze House of Colour collection, today's is Glitter Me This... (press sample, kindly provided to me for review)! it's a lovely glitter topper with different sized gold and white hex pieces in a clear base. the sizes range from micro-glitter to big ol' chunks! this one does require a bit of placing, and you will absolutely have to place the giant bits. not sure why giant bits are like that, but every polish i've ever used with them acts the same way! i layered it over Pink Or Swim (press sample also from House of Colour) which is a light, warm pink... and i love the combo. as with all glitters, it needs to be sealed with topcoat to make sure all the bits stay in place.

one coat Glitter Me This..., over two coats Pink Or Swim, all finished off with one coat Salon Perfect Crystal Clear Top Coat. (taken in shade so you can really see all the pieces that make up the polish!)

you can find the China Glaze House of Colour collection in Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply... make sure to check out China Glaze on their website,!

can't believe tomorrow is the last polish from House of Colour... it's a gorgeous glitter, definitely not one to miss ;)

Happy Wednesday! Ria :)

:: the indicated products are press samples provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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