Thursday, March 24, 2016

FingerPaints Clay On Words

another gorgeous day here! headed over to the barn and worked hard on getting rid of Echo's winter coat... thank goodness for Furminators :D after that i gave her a bath, she is so sleek and shiny now, i love it! i feel like i spent the whole day removing animal hair... i also Furminated both dogs. it's amazing how much hair they lose when the weather warms up. but, now all my animals are looking gorgeous... totally worth it!

today i have FingerPaints Clay On Words to share (press sample, kindly provided to me for review). it's one of FingerPaints new neon polishes and it is nice and loud... it's a super bright salmon shade with very subtle golden shimmers. once applied over the opaque white basecoat of FingerPaints Base Coat For Neons (press sample) it is streaky on coat one, but completely evens out on coat two. the neon pigment dries very matte, so topcoat is a must!

i'm so frustrated with this swatch photo... i took tons, and i just couldn't get any to come out the right color. for some reason the pink neon pigment just threw off the camera... basically, it's bright like the picture, but it has a lot more pink tones!

two coats Clay On Words, used with Top & Base Coats For Neons.

FingerPaints polishes are sold exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply and their website!

 i'm such a huge fan of neons, they are just happiness in a bottle! Ria :)

:: the products indicated were provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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