Sunday, April 3, 2016

Butter London Waterless Manicure Event at Ulta!

interrupting our FingerPaints Project Runway series just for today so that i can share with you all the event i went to yesterday at Ulta in Elkridge, Maryland! this is my fave Ulta in my area... shockingly, there are 3 Ulta's in easy driving distance from where i live. this is a huge and lovely change from California, where there wasn't even an Ulta at all for the first part of my time there! i was very sad ;)

the event consisted of getting a waterless manicure... free! i highly recommend participating in Ulta's events if you get a chance... they are always fun and the ones i've been to have been free. you can tip your artist if you would like, but there is literally no fee!

the waterless manicure consisted of cleaning up your nails with acetone and having Butter London polish applied by one of Butter London's professional nail techs... super cool. i was lucky enough to have a nail tech that works New York Fashion Week for Butter London... HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! of course, i told her to do whatever she wanted with my nails!

here's my nails before... eeeeek.

i LOVE getting my nails done :D

and a close up...

and here is the finished look!

you know i've gotta show you closeups... these bad boys are amazing! my favorite colors are greY and pink and the awesome nail tech picked out those colors without me telling her :D i love that both hands are different... i'm super into having each hand have different colors currently... and different colors with with nail art?! *swoon*

the middle finger with the stud is one of the nail techs' signature looks... she calls it a 'Kate Spade Nail'. simple and chic! perfection.

big giant thank you to the gorgeous nail tech who did my manicure and the other gorgeous nail tech that took pictures for me! you guys rock!

hope you enjoyed this look at Ulta's Butter London event... and i hope you are encouraged to attend an event, too! Ria :)

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