Saturday, April 16, 2016

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Waters

had a nice, lazy Saturday... Mr. Pawlish was out with a friend most of the day, so i got some blog work done and spent the entire afternoon sitting outside. it was lovely to be able to sit outside and read! i miss that so much, nothing beats Monterey, California's weather... perfect every day except for the rainy season :D

i've been testing out the new Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Waters for awhile now, and i want to share my thoughts on them with you all! there is a waterproof version which separates into two different liquids and must be shaken up before use... the regular version is only one type liquid. both are oil, alcohol, and fragrance free. not sure what the liquid that separates is made from since there is no oil! it's easy to use, simply saturate a cotton pad and wipe on. for eye makeup, i recommend holding it the eye area for a little bit before wiping away to help dissolve the makeup. this makes removal easier!

i didn't find a huge difference between the two, but makeup does remove a little more easily with the waterproof version. these are both touted to remove all makeup without the need of being washed off after... basically replacing your need for a wash. i really don't care for the way it feels on my skin, kind of heavy and thick, so i always rinsed it completely off. my other issue is that while it works fairly well on eye makeup (both struggle with mascara), it just isn't enough for the face. even after multiple soaked cotton pads (6 or so) there was STILL foundation left. 

for me, i use these to remove makeup from my body... such as hand swatches, makeup leftover from application (such as using back of hand to warm up concealer), and swatches on my arms for the blog. i know these work a lot better for some people... but i'm just not seeing the hype.

i bought mine at Ulta... my fave place, of course!!

have you tried these out? what did you think? Ria :)

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