Friday, May 27, 2016

Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Baby Bare

today was mostly spent on errands... the big one being getting both Mr. Pawlish's car and my car to the dealership. Mr. Pawlish's car had a recall that needed to be fixed, and my car had a slow leak in one of the tires... thankfully, it was just a nail and they were able to patch it! i love the way my big wheels look... but when it comes to buying new tires... ouch. totally doing the happy dance that it was just a nail :D

to finish up the Pixi week, we are going to have three color cosmetic posts. color cosmetics are probably my fave thing to play with... pretty much tied with nails! if you are unfamiliar with the term, color cosmetics refer to makeup products like blush, eyeshadow, lipstick... the beat goes on and on :)

first up is Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Baby Bare! (press sample, kindly provided to me for review). i have tried several of their Brilliance Balms, but this one is my fave so far. it has a slight, slight minty feel and a definite balmy feel. not nearly as slippery as a lip gloss, but not waxy... i love slip in my lip products. if you rub your lips together a lot (i do it constantly), it can get a little patchy if you look closely... not to the point that it bothers me, i don't think it's noticeable to anyone else!

Baby Bare is described by Pixi as a peachy-nude... on me i think it pulls to more of a light, warm pink!

as with all makeup, the color will look a little different on everyone... i'm ultra fair, to give you a frame of reference!

Pixi Brilliance Balms retail for $14. you can find them and other Pixi products at Target stores,, and!! 

i just realized we are going to be going a bit over a week... two more posts to go!

Happy Friday! Ria :)

:: the indicated products were provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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