Tuesday, May 24, 2016

You're Still The One!... Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist

met up with Mr. Pawlish at a food court for dinner... nothing like chili cheese fries and a meatball sub! :D i hadn't had chili cheese fries in years... oh man, they are SO good. sadly, i was only at the store for boring vitamins... not yummy beauty stuff!

but... speaking of yummy beauty stuff... i just had to circle back to Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist! i knew it just had to be part of my 'You're Still The One!' series as it is a product i use every single time i apply makeup. my first bottle was sent to me as a press sample, but i have bought two bottles since then, it retails for $15. when i got another bottle in this month's sample box i knew it was time to give it its own post. i am super thankful to receive another bottle because i'm at the dregs of my others! you can check out my original post on Makeup Fixing Mist HERE. i reviewed it in conjunction with Pixi Quick Fix Bronzer :)

Makeup Fixing Mist is a makeup setting spray with multiple uses... here's what Pixi has to say about it! 

Before makeup: extends makeup wear.
After makeup: sets makeup & adds a soft-focus finish.
Anytime: refreshes makeup, hydrates and balances.

i have found that for me, it works best before and after makeup... i don't find myself using it throughout the day. however... i also  don't ever travel around with it, so i guess i'm not the best example for that! it works SO well to help keep your makeup in place... you definitely want to use it before and after to really keep your makeup clinging on and looking fresh.
before use, you'll want to give the bottle a good shake to make sure all the parts are well-mixed. i hold it about 8 inches from my face and really cover my face. i think i probably use too much... but it certainly doesn't hurt anything! when using it to set your makeup, either make sure your mascara is dry or use the Mist before putting on your mascara... you will get raccoon eyes O.O this still happens to me every so often when i'm in a hurry. also, when setting your makeup make sure not to hold the sprayer too close to your face as it does not come out in a very fine mist... i'm hoping new bottles will spray like Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist which has an ULTRA fine sprayer... a true mist!
i am, sadly, a very sweaty human, so i use Makeup Fixing Mist along with a mattifying cream primer... these make for a serious makeup holding team! i use the Mist first, then the cream primer, then Mist again once all my make up is on. the finish the Mist gives is a little dewy, so depending on my mood i sometimes add a little powder over it... sometimes not!
i really just adore this product, i can't imagine my makeup life without it! <3

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist retails for $15. you can find it and other Pixi products at Target stores, www.Target.com, and www.PixiBeauty.com!! 

Happy Tuesday! Ria :)

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