Saturday, June 18, 2016

Butter London Airy Fairy

Mr. Pawlish is teaching Vacation Bible School at our church next week, so he's been pretty busy decorating his classroom today. he did take some time out to take me to lunch and run a couple errands, though :) nothing very exciting... did run in Ulta to buy a couple pairs of nicer tweezers to have on hand since the ticks are so out of control this year. the flea and tick medication the vet suggested to add on as the bugs are such a problem this year arrived today, so i'm crossing my fingers the problem is going to be resolved!!

today we are checking out Butter London Airy Fairy :) it's a stunning blue foil that looks a bit different in different lighting... leaning towards more of a warm blue in some, more of a teal in others, and more of an ocean in still others! you can see a slight pink reflex shimmer in the bottle, but seeing it on the nail is REALLY difficult.... you have to kind of get your eye close to it at just the right angle in just the right lighting... in other words, no one will ever see it. it's easy to apply and opaque in two coats, i do use fairly thick coats... if you go for thin ones, you may need three! it dries pretty quickly on its own, but i recommend topcoat to make it nice and glossy, it dries down to a pretty matte finish... however, that is quite pretty too, if that's the look you're going for :)

two coats Airy Fairy, one coat Salon Perfect Crystal Clear Top Coat.

find out more about Butter London at their website, their polishes retail for $15 and can be bought off their website and loads more places... sometimes you can snag them at places like TJ Maxx, which is where i snagged this baby!

Happy Saturday! Ria :)

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