Tuesday, June 21, 2016

FingerPaints I Have The Painters Hues

i was right, the air condition was broken! the maintenance guys came out in the middle of the night last night since it was going to be so hot today, but couldn't fix it... so they had to come work on it again today. poor guys were even working on it through a storm! i am so very, very grateful to them... on top of everything they are super nice guys :)

today i have another FingerPaints polish, it's I Have The Painters Hues from their Hard As Steel line! (press sample, kindly provided to me for review). it's a deep, warm berry creme that dries down nice and shiny. it goes on easily and is opaque in two coats... i prefer it with two, but you might be able to get away with one! while it dries shiny on its own, i do use a glossy topcoat over it to give even more shine and to help it dry.

two coats I Have The Painters Hues, one coat Salon Perfect Crystal Clear Top Coat.

FingerPaints polishes are sold exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply and their website www.SallyBeauty.com!

the storm here this afternoon had some really awesome lightning and thunder... i love electrical storms. i love hurricanes, too... i'm sure i've talked about it before. actually... i'm pretty sure i blogged through the hurricane the Pawlish family rode out at the Virginia Beach oceanfront. now that was awesome!

Happy Tuesday! Ria :)

:: the products indicated were provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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