Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Remington Smooth & Silky Facial Tweeze System

went grocery shopping with Mama Pawlish this morning as we had really been putting it off for too long... running out of staples is just terrible. for shame! so, now that there is things like bread and cheese back in the house everyone can be happy again. headed for the barn this afternoon... i didn't really feel like going, but it's supposed to storm again tomorrow and i didn't want to miss out completely. but maybe the storm won't come and i will be after to see the mares tomorrow, too :D

i was pretty excited to find the Reminton Smooth & Silky Facial Tweeze System at Ulta as i had been looking for something that would be able to safely and quickly remove facial hair at home that's safe for retinol users. this bad boy definitely ticks all the boxes AND retails for only $14.99... far less than i had been paying for full face threading, and you only have to pay it once!

the Smooth & Silky Facial Tweeze System is a very small epilator with only 6 automatic tweezers. an epilator is a hair remover which has a spinning top with tweezers that open and close on their own to pull out hairs by the root. if you have your face threaded, this gives a similar stinging sensation. it will totally depend on your personal pain tolerance how much you feel like it hurts! i already had a large epilator that i use on my legs... which i tried on my face. HUGE mistake. it has loads of automatic tweezers and i managed to suck up the skin over my upper lip... it was really gross and raw for a really long time. i strongly, strongly advise against using full size epilators on your face! 

i have a very, very hairy face... basically, in my natural state, i have quite the luscious blonde beard! the Smooth & Silky Facial Tweeze System works best if you go slowly against the way the hair grows. it's not going to pull out every single last hair... you just have to keep up with it. as the tiny hairs it can't get at first grow longer, you'll be able to grab those... and eventually you'll have them all pulled. this will mean you will be able to go longer and longer between needing to epilate! like it says on the box, it is great for the details on your face. i really can clean up my hairline where hairs want to go rogue! as to lasting for 6 weeks... i would say that the hairs you tweeze out last for 6 weeks, but the effect won't last as long in the beginning because the tiny hairs will be growing in!

the Remington Smooth & Silky Facial Tweeze System retails for $14.99 at Ulta, THIS is the direct link to it on Ulta's site!

Happy Wednesday! Ria :)

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