Monday, September 12, 2016

China Glaze Rebel... Don't Mesh With Me

today i had a lot of trouble getting myself in gear, but i finally got myself going! headed over to the barn and had a long, lazy hack on Tucker... we just relaxed and worked on team building and trust. the temperature was just perfect, the sun was shining... doesn't get much better than this!

today's China Glaze Rebel polish is Don't Mesh With Me (press sample, kindly provided to me for review). it's an ultra sheer purple micro-glitter glaze with a pink reflex... i think the base has a slight purple tint to it, but i'm not positive! you could maybe get this one opaque on its own, but it would take quite a few coats. i decided to layer it over a pink creme, China Glaze Fresh Prince-SS (press sample). i used three coats to make sure it didn't look patchy and that it also gave the vibe of being a regular polish and not a glaze. with all the layers, you're definitely going to want to use a fast dry topcoat, and it will also bring out all those sparkles!

i was unable to really catch the pink reflex... but it's definitely there! in some lights it really only looks pink instead of purple... and it's always super sparkly :D

three coats Don't Mesh With Me over two coats China Glaze Fresh Prince-SS, finished off with one coat FingerPaints Fast Dry Top Coat.

the China Glaze Rebel collection is available NOW :D here's where you can find it... this info is copied and pasted direct from China Glaze!

· – all 12 shades
·         Ulta / – Select 6 select shades (Holo at Ya Girl!, Jagged Little Teal, Combat Blue-ts, Dope Taupe, Fresh Princess and Y’all Red-y for This?)
·         Sally Beauty / – Select 6 select shades (same 6 as Ulta)

Happy Monday! Ria :)

:: the products indicated were provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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