Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Good Karma Skincare Lux 7 Four-In-One Face Cream (Normal To Oily Skin)

spent today doing a little makeup shopping and having lunch at Red Robin before heading over to the barn. i used to hate eating at restaurants by myself... but i recently realized it's really nice! i feel like i have way more options now, and i'm wondering why i was so silly. if you are afraid to dine alone... i highly recommend giving it a try, it might surprise you :)

today's post is on Good Karma Skincare Lux 7 Four-In-One Face Cream for Normal To Oily Skin (press sample, kindly provided to me for review). i have been trying it out for over a month now, and i'm ready to tell you my thoughts!

Good Karma Skincare really centers around its proprietary Lux 7 ingredient, which is a secret blend of seven oils... patent pending :D the founder of Good Karma skincare is a Naturopath who is partnered with a shaman that received the formula for Lux 7 during meditation. the absolute best part of Good Karma is not only do they not test on animals... every purchase helps support 'Beauty Feeds The Beasts'! with every purchase, a portion is donated to help feed shelter animals :)

the outer packaging is simple, just a small box. the cream itself comes in a jar with a pump... but it's different than most pumps. the pump is like a button that takes up the entire top of the jar, with a small hole in the center that dispenses product. the pump is a bit difficult to control, but if you really hate it, you can simply unscrew that and use it exactly like a regular jar! 

to make this face cream Four-In-One, it is a daily moisturizer, eye cream, night cream, skin-refining serum. i found that for me, it worked best as a serum and night cream. i'm having some issues with my eyelids becoming quite sensitive, so i can't use this on my upper lid at all. even though this is the Normal To Oily Skin formulation, it's still extremely hydrating... which makes for gorgeous plump skin, but it's just too much for me during the summer for foundation to be able to stick to my face! i do use it on non-makeup days though, while it is of a thicker texture, it doesn't make skin look greasy or anything like that. the Four-In-One Face Cream really shines for me as a night cream and serum combined. it really keeps my skin hydrated and fresh looking... even though i use a high strength prescription retinoid nightly! while my skin looks lovely and plump and i have no problem heading out in public with no makeup, i did not notice a difference really in my fine lines... i feel like you would need more than a month to see results like that.

i quite like the scent, it's very herbal and calming. i've been using it for over a month now, intermittently in the morning and almost every night, and i still have a lot left! i generally used a full pump when i started, bringing the product down my neck and chest. lately i have been using a much smaller pump, and just doing my face. obviously, the product definitely won't last nearly as long when you use a full pump! it is getting more difficult to pump out, so i think i'm going to start using it like a regular jar soon :)

Good Karma Skincare Lux 7 Four-In-One Face Cream for Normal To Oily Skin retails for $48 and can be purchased at Good Karma Skincare's website HERE. you can also find the Normal To Dry version, and other skincare products!

Happy Tuesday! Ria :)

:: the products indicated were provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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