Sunday, October 9, 2016

China Glaze Rebel... Heroine Chic

whew, i'm so sleepy! amazing how sleepy you can get just from being at home, watching tv, swatching polish, and taking care of Mama Pawlish. she's doing a lot better, but still can't make meals completely by herself. i'm looking forward to going to the barn tomorrow between meals... hoping i will be able to make it happen. i haven't ridden in a week and a half... it feels like months!

today we return to the China Glaze Rebel collection (FINALLY!!) with Heroine Chic! (press sample, kindly provided to me for review). it's a surprising polish... i thought it was brown in the bottle, but it turned out to be a deep, dark silver foil with pink shimmers! i mean... *faints* those are my favey fave colors and the pink is super noticeable in bright in person! in lower lighting, you can a see golden reflex as well... but it's quite sneaky and i couldn't capture it in a photo. Heroine Chic is easy to apply, two coats for full opacity... you may have some visible brush strokes, but they won't be noticeable at all, and if you apply carefully they will be few for sure! definitely finish off with a high shine topcoat to make it glossy and to bring out all the sparkle this baby has to offer :D

two coats Heroine Chic, finished off with one coat FingerPaints Fast Dry Top Coat.

the China Glaze Rebel collection is available NOW :D here's where you can find it... this info is copied and pasted direct from China Glaze!

· – all 12 shades
·         Ulta / – Select 6 select shades (Holo at Ya Girl!, Jagged Little Teal, Combat Blue-ts, Dope Taupe, Fresh Princess and Y’all Red-y for This?)
·         Sally Beauty / – Select 6 select shades (same 6 as Ulta)

can you believe there are only two more to go in this collection?! Happy Sunday! Ria :)

:: the products indicated were provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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