Friday, October 7, 2016

Pixi Beauty Giveaway!

whew... i'm pretty wiped. Mama Pawlish had surgery to have several vertebra in her neck fused, and i stayed overnight in the hospital with her for two nights and three full days... it was exhausting. now that we're finally back at home, she needs a lot of help still... i really appreciate all of those in the healthcare profession, wow is it tough!!

i wanted to share the details of the Pixi Beauty giveaway i stumbled across on Facebook... the prize is absolutely fantastic :D

so here's the deets, copied straight off Facebook!

Classic Beauty Giveaway! Win these 3 essentials AND $50 towards any purchase. 

To enter: 

1) Follow our Instagram page: PixiBeauty 

2) Like this post on Instagram 

3) Re-create a classic look using Pixi Beauty favourites, then take a selfie & post it on Instagram with the hashtags #PixiBeauty#PixiClassic 

4) On your selfie post, tag 2 friends & ask them to join the giveaway.

i will be trying to post more, and i definitely have to finish up my series! i'm hoping Mama Pawlish will get a bit more able to take care of herself soon... but i just don't know. i hope you all are doing well!!!

Happy Friday! Ria :)

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