Friday, December 16, 2016

Remington Anywhere Hair Coil Elastics

this has been a tough few months, i'm telling ya. the result on my doggie's biopsy came back as cancer... but hopefully, the doctor got everything out with the lump and it won't come back! i'm trying to stay positive, but obviously, that wasn't the result i was hoping for. the next day Brother Pawlish called to let us know he was leaving the country for his deployment... it was just too much to happen in such a short time. BUT! i'm keeping my chin up and trying to smile through it all. if you're having a rough Christmastime too, please know that i love you and i'm praying for all of us :)

on to something much happier i found at Walmart a couple weeks ago and have been testing out! these Remington Coil Elastics from their Anywhere Hair collection really caught my attention right away... they look so cute, and the fact they're plastic and a new shape made me hopeful that they would stay in my hair better than traditional twisties. i've heard a few beauty vloggers talk about these coil twisties, their benefit is supposed to be that they don't leave dents in your hair once you take it down from the up-do. they look like an old school telephone cord (which some of you reading this may have no idea what i'm even talking about!) or exactly like a coil keychain bracelet. these are actually billed as hair and wrist elastics... which makes me think someone threw up their hair with a coil keychain, and an idea was born!

the packaging...

there are two different color sets... once i realized how much i love these, i went ahead and bought the pack in the photographs. the other set has different pinks and purples! 

here's another look at the twisties themselves.

i love these for my hair! they stay in, lock in my style, and make my bun or ponytail feel much lighter somehow than when i make them with a traditional twisty. if you have very slick hair, i think these may not work as well for you... but they are pretty inexpensive, so in my opinion they are worth a shot! Mama Pawlish doesn't like them as well as i do... they do not hold your hair as tightly as a traditional twisty, so you will get a looser look with them. she feels they slip through her hair too easily as well. i don't experience that... i'm using these pretty much exclusively these days, even when i make my tiny bun for just under the bottom of my riding helmet. and that stays, too! as for the dents... i've never had a huge problem with dents in my hair, but these certainly don't seem to make them. since it's a bit more loose, i think that the giant bump you can get from switching from your hair up to your hair down is less. but i really don't wear my hair down (i even sleep with it up!). so, this is just experience from looking at it right after i take my hair down, brush it, check it out... then put it up again!

finishing off with a close-up look :D

i've only seen these in-store at Walmart, for less than $3... if i see them in other colors i'm going to buy those, too! Remington also makes the coil elastics in a larger size with a much smaller, tighter coil... since i have very thin, fine hair, i don't think those would work as well for me. i have yet to see those in person! i can't seem to find these babies online... so check your local Walmart :)

Happy Friday! Ria :)

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