Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Revlon Gold Series Dual Ended Nail Clip

my doggie Jasper had to have surgery today to remove a big lump from his leg and get his teeth Xrayed and cleaned. he's come through fine and his teeth are in good shape, even though they don't look that great... but now they're super clean! i'm still praying that the results on the biopsy of the lump come back clean... but it's off now and it won't be bothering him anymore! he had started to fuss with it and our vet said it needed to come off as soon as possible yesterday... and they had an opening for today. so, we got it done! i'm so glad it's taken care of :) now to keep a big dog from running, jumping, and playing for over a week... yeahhhh. we'll do our best!

i have the Dual End Nail Clip from the Revlon Gold Series to share with you all today! i saw this in CVS and bought it immediately... i have never seen a nail clipper with a straight edge before and it needed to be mine :D

the Gold Series products are titanium coated... which really doesn't matter to me. frankly, i would be just as happy with stainless steel! as this is the Dual Ended Nail Clip, one side clips a curved nail, and one side clips a straight nail. it's super easy to use... you just flip it over, and they work like traditional nail clippers!

i have to say... i'm sold on having straight nail clippers! it only makes sense for toenails as almost everyone wears those straight, and curved clippers make getting that nice straight line difficult. i generally wear my fingernails straight as well these days, so i was interested in these for that application as well. and i LOVE using a straight edge clipper! it makes it so easy to get that crisp, flat top to your nail. why aren't there more of these on the market??

now... my little complaint. i wish these were only one-sided... while you're using them, the handle on the other side can slip off. this is super annoying because you have to hold onto that part to actually use them. i can (and will!) deal with this because i'm so in love with the rest of the tool. and, because it's double-sided with two different clip options, it's a great travel tool.

here's what makes me know it's the best i've ever used... i haven't used anything else on my fingernails or toenails since i bought it!!

i would definitely buy straight edge clippers in both fingernail and toenail sizes... pleaseeee Revlon? Revlon is my fave brand for nail care tools... beating out other, more expensive brands. i know they would make this tool right :D

you can Revlon at so many places :: drugstores, Target, Walmart, my very dear love Ulta, and way more.

hope you're all having wonderful weeks... and hey, you're halfway to Friday! 

Happy Wednesday! Ria :)

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