Monday, January 9, 2017

CND Vinylux Azure Wish

today was another day that didn't climb out the 20sF... but it's supposed to start warming up tomorrow. sadly, it will also start raining... but i'll take it over snow! hopefully, the rain will wash the remaining snow away and we'll be done with it. my friends in Virginia got like 8" of snow... can't tell y'all how happy i am to have missed out on that! :D

i'm currently testing out the CND Vinylux line. i got some of their polishes and the matching Weekly Top Coat at TJ Maxx and on clearance at Ulta... they are super spendy ($10.50) at full price!

CND Vinylux Azure Wish is a muted sky blue with an ultra hidden pearl shimmer. upon super close examination you can see it, but mostly it just looks like a creme. the pearl shimmer does make it catch the light more, though! i used two coats... but depending on how you apply one may be all you need. the formula is thick which makes it slightly hard to work with... but it's quite self-leveling and doesn't give you all those nasty bumps and bubbles that some thick polishes do. the only flaw i saw is a tiny little popped bubble or two which looks like a little hole! i think the Weekly Top Coat definitely is necessary to help it dry and give it the almost flawless finish it has.

two coats Azure Wish, one coat Weekly Top Coat.

you can check out CND products on their WEBSITE. i will probably be buying their Vinylux line from Ulta and, where they retail for $10.50... but i will definitely be checking for them on the clearance rack!

Happy Monday! Ria :)

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