Wednesday, February 8, 2017

CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat

we've had two absolutely amazing days... over 70F in February?! i LOVE it!! however, it might snow tomorrow and is supposed to be in the 30sF... how is that even possible o.O Mama Pawlish hasn't been feeling well, so i'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow, and i took her today already. she's having vertigo for some reason... i hope they can stop it, vertigo is horrible!

after testing out the CND Vinylux line and its promises, i have formed an opinion :) using their Weekly Top Coat on top of their Vinylux polishes did make my manicure look better much longer than usual.

these pictures are taken after one week with no touch-ups! compared to the amount of chipping i would usually have, there is very little. i did ride horses and do barn work during the week, so i wasn't just sitting around, either :D 

Azure Wish (right hand/dominant hand)

Mint Convertible (left hand)

my complaint about the topcoat is that it doesn't stay ultra shiny throughout the by itself, it does dull. however, you can always just reapply to bring back the glossy! i did not as i wanted to see how it backed up its claims. 

my issue with the whole line is that it seems to dry out in the bottle very easily... make sure you have put the cap back on VERY tightly. many of the bottles in the store has the polish dried into one gloopy chunk... i would definitely check to make sure it's nice and thin before buying!

in spite of those things... i do love the line and have bought more on clearance as i'm finding them :D

you can check out CND products on their WEBSITE. i will probably be buying their Vinylux line from Ulta and, where they retail for $10.50.

Happy Wednesday! Ria :)

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