Friday, February 17, 2017

Pixi 24K Eye Elixir

today was absolutely lovely! it started out super cold but ended up being a really nice day to ride. my trainer and i took horses to a state park and worked them to get them more fit. i realized i am more fit than i thought i was... but nowhere near where i'd like to be! Tucker is also out of shape, so we will be doing conditioning work together :) we ended with a super fun, super fast gallop... i love to go fast, it's the best!

today i have Pixi 24K Eye Elixir (press sample) to share with you all! i've been using it for a couple months now, so i feel like i can really speak it its performance :)

24K Eye Elixir, an Energizing Peptide Serum, retails for $22. it's an eye treatment containing gold and collagen that removes puffiness and plump up fine lines... instead of a traditional cream, it's a clear liquid that is applied with a rollerball. i like the applicator, it's nice and cooling on your eye area. i've found that it definitely helps bring down the puffiness... almost instantly it seems like! while it helps right away, i haven't seen any long term effects, i still need to use it twice daily to keep my under eyes looking as good as possible. i follow the directions for under eyes about going from inner eye to outer, but i do go over it more times than they recommend... i prefer it to feel more cool and... producty feeling, i guess! i also do one roll right under my eyebrows to get that collagen in the upper eye area... can't hurt :) for my eyes 24K Eye Elixir alone is not moisturizing enough, so i use another eye cream over it at night. i love that i can use it under makeup and it doesn't roll up or get clumpy, it stays perfect... i've had a lot of trouble in the past with under eye products that don't play nice with makeup. i haven't decided quite yet whether i'll be purchasing this product after i run out... it goes on smoothly, but it does occasionally 'skip' and you have to roll it a bit more to get the serum flowing again. i just roll it against the inside of my nose until it gets going again... which is only a couple rolls. that's pretty much my only complaint about this product, actually :)

you can find Pixi products at Target stores,, and!!

Happy Friday! Ria :)

:: the indicated products were kindly provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::


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