Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Vendome Beaute Eye Shadow Three Well Palettes

i'm just loving this temperate weather in February! it's so lovely :) i haven't been out to the barn the past couple days though, Mr. Pawlish had the day off yesterday, and Mama Pawlish is sick :( i took her to the doctor yesterday... but they're just not sure what the issue is. i'm hoping she will be feeling better tomorrow so that i can go to work at the barn... but we'll see. i really hope she just feels better, period!!

i have a new brand to share with you guys! Vendome Beaute :) right now it's mostly eye shadows, but there are other products in the works. they were kind enough to send me five of their Three Well Palettes to try out and review!

the palettes are shiny black with Vendome Paris printed in metallic silver on the top. there are three magnetic wells inside, with tiny holes in the very back of the palette to make it easy to remove pans and swap them around!

here are the Three Well Palettes :)

i wasn't sure what to expect as these palettes are quite spendy at $75, and the individual shadows retail for $26. they are are really nice, though! they swatch fairly ewell, but go on the eye even better, are quite pigmented, and they blend SO easily. the ease of blending is definitely my favorite part as some shadows are very pigmented but don't want to blend together and stay harsh looking on the eye. Vendome Beaute Eye Shadow easily becomes a cohesive look!

i tried these both with a primer and without... they stayed perfect all day with the primer. without, there was very little creasing and fading... i was impressed! i was also impressed with how well the shadows actually applied to my lids without a primer, sometimes my lids are very cranky about taking shadow. i did put them over the slightest, slightest dusting of face powder :) they can be applied wet or dry... but i just used them dry. i can't think of a time i've ever used any eye shadow wet, actually... it's just not for me.

here they are all swatched out, no primer :) they are in the same order as the palettes are above!

pretty impressive with no primer, right??

last up... here's a look i did with some of the warmer colors! i got a lot of compliments on this look... the colors are so beautiful! all i have on my eyes is Vendome Beaute shadows, primer, and mascara.

you can buy Vendome Beaute products from their website, www.VendomeBeauteFrance.com; their Etsy, www.etsy.com/shop/VendomeBeaute; and Amazon! you can also check them out on FacebookInstagram, and Linkedin :D

Happy Tuesday! Ria :)

:: the indicated products were kindly provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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