Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Pixi Press Sample Box... Upcoming Post Previews!

my birthday was yesterday! i'm officially 31... which i have to keep reminding myself because for some reason my brain has decided i'm 32. i know... it's weird :D i know some people are very secretive about their age, i couldn't care less. beauty has nothing to do with age, that's for sure!

today i wanted to share with you guys the amazing, super generous press sample kit Pixi recently sent over! i'm over the moon testing out all these new products, so i thought i'd give a little sneaky peek at what will be coming up on the blog :)

the press kit had all of their recent collaborations with well known beauty gurus :: ItsJudyTime, Aspyn Ovard, Caroline Hirons, and Maryam Maquillage. these collections are all available now!

the photos are actually of a tri-fold display, with the top and bottom pictures being the foldout sides of the middle one. although the photos not the quality i'd hoped for, i think you get a good idea of what's available!

hope you liked this tiny little look at what's new from Pixi!! what looks good to you?

Happy Wednesday! Ria :)

:: the indicated products were kindly provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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